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Policy - Exchange Teaching Responsibilities between
Academic Year and Summer

With the purpose of offering and facilitating more flexibility with your research and other professional initiatives, as well as helping the Department to make better use of the facilities at NCSU during the Summer, while moving forward with our intensive masters program. We are introducing a new policy in our Department, that will allow faculty to swap teaching responsibilities between the Academic year and the Summer. This can be of great interest to faculty members interested in having a semester off to do some write granting, so they are released of their teaching responsibilities that semester, and instead they will be expected to meet them during the Summer (in Summer 1, summer 2, or during our new 10 weeks courses).

Please, let me know as soon as possible if this would be of interest to you. I hope you understand that we can only accommodate few of these requests, since we need to make sure we cover all our teaching during the Spring and Fall semesters.


  • The exchange is based on matching credit hours (as closely as possible).
  • There will not be financial compensation for exchanging courses.
  • The participating department will not receive financial compensation for the Summer course generated by the exchange (because the courses taught will be viewed as part of the faculty member’s regular academic load)
  • Summer courses (please pay attention to our new 10 week Summer courses: 521, 545 and 512):

    Summer 1
    ST401 SIBS

    Summer 2

    New courses needed for intensive masters program (10 week modified schedule).
    Dates: Begins May 28 (Day after Memorial Day) Ends August 2 (JSM begins August 3)
    These courses are for a cohort of masters students and will be restricted to that group.
    ST512 (restricted section)